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How good can you Feel?

Energy GenesisTM~light & sound therapy device


Energy Genesis is a very comfortable relaxation device, that when you are lying inside the resonance chamber, you experience the ultimate relaxation through frequencies of light, color, sound and vibration. Invented by Barry McNew, this technology is getting the attention of many who understand the results of resonant frequencies.  Energy GenesisTM (EG) is a new technology which applies light and sound to the human body non-invasively. 

What is the Energy Genesis

and what does it do?

Each session is 45 relaxing minutes that is like a tune up for the body. How good can you feel?  What if your body could relax into its natural ability to create energy, and detox environmental and emotional stresses?

Energy Genesis Resonant ChamberIf you feel you have tried everything out there, and are not satisfied with your body’s response, then why not try the latest technology that is helping people find the relaxing results they are looking for. Experts agree that stress  is very unhealthy. But how do we release this stress in a world that is so full of discord every where we turn? Many have found the Energy Genesis TM to be the happy, gentle solution. How good can you feel? Come and try this remarkable technology and see if you find what you are looking for. Let the frequencies spin around your body’s cells, and see how your body responds and relaxes.

Everyone who uses the Energy GenesisTM happily has their own unique experience and results because everyone of us is unique.

It is suggested that you plan to use the Chamber once a day for 3 consecutive days for best results and also plan to drink about a gallon of water each day as hydration is extremely important when using these frequencies.


We are located right in the very heart of Green Valley, Arizona, a small retirement town just 20 minutes south of the Tucson airport. There are hotels, restaurants, and a mall about a mile away. Call 520-965-5486 or email  energygenesisgv@gmail.com  for appointment and directions. Contact us.

Come, and experience what is all the buzz about resonant frequencies of light, sound, and vibration.  Relax, renew, and feel your unique results.


Set of 3 sessions in the Energy GenesisTM , once each day for 3 consecutive days is the recommended protocol. Call for Special Pricing and be well.

Single sessions are available. Get more details here.